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Begin recording in your journal before you open the trade and end your record once the trade has concluded. Scheduling time to review your journal is just as critical as writing it. You want to document the “reason why” you did everything from start to finish and whether or not is was Can I Trust UFX the correct action, and how to improve. As you go along you’ll most likely expand on the variables in the journal and log. You need to find out by trial and error what works best for you. Identify an entry, mark up your chart and make a note on your chart on the reason for the entry.

trading journal example

I think I need to review my trading strategies via a journal to track where I make my mistakes. You can download the Forex trading journal that I use – click here to download the forex trading journal spreadsheet excel file . A trading journal is a record arranged by date that includes all trades that you take in the market. Trading journals consist of journal entries, each of which represents a separate trade taken by a trader. Some traders embed screenshots of their trading charts into their spreadsheets for future analysis. Doing so allows you to dive deeper into the trading setup, why the trade was closed, and what signals can be adjusted to lead to better overall performance.


It is safe to say that the software has everything you need to get a full picture of your profile. While they are not always utilized, trading journals are handy tools that traders can take advantage of to identify their overall performance and areas for improvement. They can be used to do anything from tracking statistics to preparing for the dreaded tax season. Futures, Options on Futures, Foreign Exchange and other leveraged products involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Spot Gold and Silver contracts are not subject to regulation under the U.S. Contracts for Difference are not available for US residents.

  • Many traders can fool themselves into thinking they are rationally making trading decisions only to find out later that they didn’t follow their strategy at all.
  • When you do, it’s best to know about and address them right away.
  • The business of trading is filled with some of the brightest minds in the world.
  • You will know in the back of your mind that you will have to face your decisions later on in your journal and possibly have to face others if your journal is public.

If you struggle to begin your trade journal, picture your end goal, probably becoming a better trader. Try to paint that in numbers – for example, increasing your profitability by X%. It is proven that having a measurable goal boosts motivation and helps you remain focused. Key figures like overall return, risk, return per share and options contract are supported, notes can be made for each trade, and you can track commissions. Those who want can set up a public profile and share their trades with others.

These can be either individual trades or a days trading record with notes. Its a really good idea to including word-based data such as mistakes and thoughts. The advantage of using either Excel or google sheets to build a trading journal is the limitless customization.

But the most exciting feature is the psychological classifiers. You can add information about your mood, reasons for entering/exiting a trade, and more. That way, you can spot patterns related to the success of your trades and their reliance on your emotions and psychological states. The only solution is to take a moment, back off from the problem, and spent some time analyzing.

The Best Trading Journals

Tags offer a huge amount of customization for TradeInSights users. The objective of tagging is to bunch trades together for comparative and performance analysis. For example, strategies or trade setups use common tags. Analysis of individual PRTrend Customer Reviews 2021 tags details the performance of any single strategy/trade setup. A trading journal is a record of your trading activity. Keeping track of your history will make you more prepared for the future and will give you a competitive advantage.

Some traders add a criterion for how they feel emotionally when placing the trade. The reason could be due to technical or fundamental analysis or a combination of both. Once you have executed several trades you can reflect on this information to see if your reasons for trading are bearing tangible results.

trading journal example

It’s important to be able to customize reports so you can focus on the areas of trading that are most important to you. All options above offer some level of report customization, with some being more customizable than others. Since incorporating these journals into my routine back in 2007 I have been able to increase the efficiency of my strategy and continue SimpleFX Broker Review to become more profitable each year. It may be a little overwhelming at first, but after years of recording this data each night it becomes pretty easy to spot patterns and trend changes. Some important things to note are your emotions as you enter the trade, during the trade, and at ext, outside market forces, why you decided to exit when you did, etc.

Creating and meticulously maintaining a Forex trading journal is the quickest and most effective way to develop into a disciplined and profitable Forex trader. It provides valuable insights into your trading strategy and performance, especially if you make regular reviews of your journal entries to find recurring patterns that lead to losing trades. All trading journals need to include certain fields, such as the date of the trade, traded instrument and entry and exit prices, to name a few. TraderVue is one of the most popular trading journals online today, especially among day traders. You can automatically track your trades with 82 different brokers and trading platforms or import your data with Excel.

TJS Trading Plan

We’ve prepared a trading journal template that includes all the necessary elements outlined above. Building a trading journal is the first step, but you’ll have to read it to really get anything out of it. Take the time to read through your trading journal at least weekly.

I break out the setup and win percentage to see which markets and setups are working the best. StockTickr – A third option for documenting your trades is with the online platform StockTickr. They have a lot of useful tools as well as different level package options to choose from. Yes, I agree, a trading journal is more suitable for traders who are trading on the higher timeframes like the 15-minute timeframe and above.

trading journal example

Others make journaling more efficient through data import features that ease the pain of manual data input. Trade journaling can be cumbersome, especially when it’s done manually. All trading journals featured in our list offer some level of automated journaling. Although using Excel as a trading journal will require more work in the beginning, it’s also the most customizable option. It’s the perfect fit if there are specific metrics you’d like to track that aren’t traditionally tracked by trading journal software. Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet solutions in the world.

I have few more columns like Time which gives me idea what’s the best time to trade other is (apart from. setup) reason for entry and exit, mistakes made. Then I have a monthly data sheet where I write summary that includes number of trades, no of winners, losers, max loss in one trade, max profit in one trade, losing and winning trades in a row . You may wonder why it is necessary to keep a separate trading journal, since just about every broker provides a real-time record of your trades. In fact, one could argue that the broker s record also keeps track of available buying power, margin usage and profit and losses for each trade made.

It also features stop-loss tracking to help you manage and mitigate risk, and all tools are available on its mobile app. A trading journal includes the classification of a buy or sell order, trade size, executed price, trading strategies, commissions and notes. Auto-generated trading metrics included in the trading journal software help you to find your trading edge by analyzing the trading performance. Edgewonk 3.0 was released in March 2021 and is now an online trading journal with in-depth analytics tools. The old Edgewonk 2.0 required a software installation on your PC, but now all features are available online from everywhere. You can take advantage of entry/exit optimization tools, a trade simulator, advanced trade classifiers, trade management evaluation, holding time analysis, and more.

Attend two seminars / conferences a year when/if my chosen trading (mentors / authors / educators) will be teaching or broadcasting. Being a trend-trader, I will seek to attain no less than a 50% win percentage, with an overall Profit Ratio of no less than 1.5. If you have any questions or would like to contact me please send me an email at the following address. These two applications work excellent together offsetting each other’s disadvantages.

It is not suitable for all investors and you should make sure you understand the risks involved, seeking independent advice if necessary. Trading journals take a lot of time and dedication but used right they can be your most valuable trading asset. Criterion in your journal, tally up the amount of successful trades made when your conviction was high, medium, and low. Once you have this data you can make the decision of whether it is worth trading only when your conviction is high or not. After a certain amount of time, preferably a few months so you have enough data, you can compile the data in your trade journal.

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You want to track entry and exit points, but you should also track what happened between the two. The only way to tell is to analyze what happened in the middle of the trade. Track the high points and low points the assets reach while each trade is open to see if you’re making the most of your trades. Your success at trading depends on how you manage and mitigate its risk. Trading journals that offered the most intuitive risk management tools scored higher in our review. The bottom line here is that trading journals are most effective when you spend more time reviewing and analyzing your data than inputting the data in the first place.

That way, you can import your trades from almost every trading solution on the market. The most frequent cause of poor trading performance is usually a trader’s inability to stick to their trading plan when trades go wrong. One of the main objectives of any trading journal is to ensure compliance with your trading plan. For more information on forex trading tips, check out our forex real time news section.

Try to identify recurring patterns of losing trades, read through the commentaries and other fields to find clues on how to avoid the same mistakes in the future. You need to form the habit to enter a journal entry as soon as you take a trade. While having a trading journal in Excel will help you a lot, some traders keep their journals in an old-school notebook. Trading journals provide valuable insight into a trader’s trading performance. By keeping a detailed journal, traders are able to analyse their trade results and identify reasons why certain trades worked well, while others didn’t.

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